Let’s meet on Wednesday, October 26 2022, 16:00-17:00 CET
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A Day in the Life of a CI Analyst.

The role of a competitive intelligence analyst is to identify market signals, analyze sources of data, and create insights. In addition to this, analysts are responsible for sharing this information broadly with decision-makers.
The technology now exists to automate the vast majority of low-value activities, and it’s important for organizations to embrace this. In doing so, organizations can unlock more time for their analysts to spend on actual analysis – the activity that drives the most value for the organization.
In this webinar, we will first hear about some of the main challenges that face a CI analyst and then show how Intelligence2day technology can be used to solve some of the challenges.


You will learn:

  • the value of scenario planning
  • how to Improve data collection efficiency
  • if it is possible to streamline insights production
  • how to improve insights dissemination
  • how to shift from a traditional way of delivering your market intelligence to a more collaborative and integrated approach

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