Energy Sector M&CI Made Easy:

Automate Your Process with an AI-Powered Intelligence Platform

The energy sector is changing rapidly, and staying ahead of the competition is crucial. The Market & Competitive Intelligence (MCI) function plays a vital role in this, but faces challenges due to the explosion of available data.

MCI professionals must balance long-term strategy with immediate tactics while keeping up with regulatory changes and emerging technologies like renewable energy.

An AI-powered MCI platform can help by analyzing and organizing vast amounts of data, providing real-time alerts, and identifying hidden patterns that humans may miss. Join our webinar to learn how an MCI platform can help you avoid risk and discover hidden potential in the fast-paced energy sector.



  • Trends and challenges of M&CI in the energy sector
  • What “best in class” companies do to maximize the value of their MC&I function
  • Real-world examples of how an AI-driven intelligence platform can automate MCI processes and help monitor and discover critical information