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A guide to selecting external content sources that are relevant for you.

About the workbook?

How do you select relevant content sources for your Intelligence system? Based on years of experience and feedback from our customers, we know that finding and evaluating external content for an intelligence system is something that is very important for the success of an Intelligence system, but still something that many struggle with.

Therefore, we partnered with research firm Jinfo ( who are experts on information sources and strategy, and co-developed this e work book to provide guidance and support for intelligence workers in this process.

It has been written by Jinfo’s Director of Research, Robin Neidorf. Assessments were developed based on characteristics highlighted by research participants, following models using checklists and worksheets that Jinfo has used with hundreds of information teams and organizations.

What's Inside?

The workbook includes the following:

  • Checklist: Where can you find content?
  • Worksheet: What type of content is relevant to your needs?
  • Worksheet: Balancing Total Cost of Ownership of sources
  • Checklist: Manage your portfolio of external content


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