How do you find the right sources for your intelligence system?

We’ve got just what you need.

It’s your complete guide and workbook on how to select external content sources that are relevant to you.

In this workbook, you’ll have access to a number of resources such as:

  • A checklist of where you can find the right content.
  • A worksheet to understand what type of content is relevant to your needs.
  • A worksheet to help you understand and balance the total cost of ownership of sources.
  • An ending checklist to help you manage your portfolio of external content.

Download your workbook today, and start finding the content that’s right for you.

About this workbook from Comintelli

How do you select relevant content sources for your Intelligence system? Based on years of experience and feedback from our customers, we know that finding and evaluating external content for an intelligence system is something is still something that many struggles with. That’s why we partnered with research firm Jinfo and co-developed this workbook to provide guidance and support for intelligence workers.