COMPANY: Global Pharmaceutical Company

TYPE: Pharmaceutical, B2B.

Find out how this top pharmaceutical company saved time and resources using Intelligence2day®’s FIRE feature to capture conference data in seconds, which would usually take weeks to process.

The Challenge

This top pharmaceutical company was experiencing three major challenges before approaching Comintelli to help find a solution. All image data capturing for conference monitoring, tradeshows and presentations were done through a time-intensive manual process, which in turn, led to not utilizing the image data that was collected.

Here are three challenges the company needed to overcome.

1. Delayed information capture

The first problem they were experiencing was a time delay from capturing conference intelligence such as photos, presentations and scientific abstracts, to when they were able to view and use the information. This is because there were thousands of images that needed to be manually processed in order to understand each one of them – a process that took weeks.

2. Inability to search image content

The second challenge they were experiencing was that once they had the images, they couldn't find them easily. With thousands of images taken from one conference alone, it was not easy to find a specific piece of information. Simply put, the company had a lot of information they had paid for that they couldn’t effectively utilize.

3. Inability to find and compare previous intelligence

The third challenge was that there was no ability to quickly go back in time to compare topics or findings from years before. To find information from a year prior would take days, if not weeks. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The Solution

The pharmaceutical company was already enjoying their version of Intelligence2day® but approached Comintelli with the challenges they were experiencing in conference monitoring. Utilizing and leaning on Comintelli’s reliable customer support, they told the team that they needed an IOCR (Intelligent Optical Character Recognition). Comintelli got to work to develop the FIRE (Field Intelligence Receiver) tool.

Developing Intelligent Optical Character Recognition

IOCR technology is used to understand the information within an image and turn it into searchable texts. Together with AI, Intelligence2day®’s FIRE feature can not only transfer images into searchable characters but also analyze and understand the content of the image so that it is easy for a user to find. The sophisticated AI technology allows for even blurry images to be processed.

Easy access to current and past data

The content of the image (whether it is current or past data) is analyzed by Intelligence2day® and categorized, automatically assigning relevant topics or tags to the image. Seconds after the image has been uploaded, any user that would find the information relevant is notified through an alert.

“Essentially, this allows the company to turn a large number of images into an automated solution that will deliver content to the users who need it, ideally with an insight attached.” – Jeff Mansfield, Director of Customer Success at Comintelli

Users in different departments now have access to information as and when they need it and it is also now possible to go back and look at data from previous years without having to pay for new data.


"The FIRE feature is going to change the way companies approach event monitoring with real-time gathering of information. Having access to this kind of information at a rapid speed can be a powerful weapon which can really enhance the value of market and competitive intelligence."

Jeff Mansfield, Director of Customer Success at Comintelli


About the FIRE Feature

The FIRE feature can help structure any visual intelligence whether it is technical documents, marketing, sales, trade shows, flyers or more. Monitoring operations that usually take weeks can now be processed in real-time, providing instant access to intelligence insights.


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