Radically change how you receive business-changing insights within your industry.

Our renowned tool, Intelligence2day®, is helping leading companies save enormous amounts of time and resources by:

  • Finding relevant information, and fast. Instead of time wasted searching, you can use that time to analyze.
  • Tracking and monitoring news with efficiency, speed and scale that humans can never match.
  • Discovering new opportunities and threats that were not already on your radar.
  • Finding golden insights from relevant and quality controlled content that can help you make more informed business decisions.
  • Using one-single platform company-wide, so that all employees can easily be informed, as well as tailor the platform depending on their role and needs.

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Have you read our case study with this large, global tech company?

Learn how Intelligence2day® helped structure and streamline the company’s market and competitive intelligence solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their intelligence work.

How Intelligence2day® works


Designing robust market and competitive intelligence platforms

Market and Competitive Intelligence (MCI) enhances marketplace competitiveness through a greater understanding of a firm’s competitive environment as well as leveraging the capabilities of preparedness for the future.

What do our clients have to say?

  • "Intelligence2day® has decreased the time spent searching for information and improved the collaboration and sharing of insights."
  • "You don't need to spend hours looking for information - just go into the system and grab it."
  • "We are now able to analyze the relevant signals and automate repetitive tasks."

Don’t be last in line… Smart tech companies are using market and competitive intelligence platforms to stay one step ahead.

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