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HolaTECH is a Spanish-based company focused on helping brands protect consumers from purchasing and consuming counterfeit products by using blockchain technology. Their digital platform enables brand owners to provide information regarding their ethical practices, sustainability, mission and provide full details for all comestible products. This gives the consumer the transparency and power of knowing exactly where the product came from, as well as what the brand stands for when creating it.

The Challenge

As a new entrant in a fast changing space and many of the competitors being private companies, HolaTECH needed all the information they could retrieve on competitor’s activities, technology breakthroughs and market changes. The Competitive Intelligence team used to create their CI reports by collecting information using Google alerts, but found it was not enough. The team was missing out on important information and also found it time consuming to share both insights and reports.

Using Google Alerts, simple searches and manually copying information from web pages is a very common practice today, both among smaller companies and larger enterprises. HolaTECH needed to take it to the next level and find a way to collect, analyze and easily share insights with stakeholders. To save time, the process also needed to be largely automated. HolaTECH needed a solution to view an extensive visual overview of the analytics of market and competitor’s activities, whilst streamlining and automating the process of sharing key insights and creating reports.

The Solution

Intelligence2day® provided a solution that could automatically collect information from a wide selection of sources using web crawlers. The content is then automatically tagged and indexed to make it easily searchable. There is no need for manual tagging as the system sorts and classifies the information automatically.

Intelligence2day® also offers the capability of analyzing the information that is collected to be able to get valuable insights on competitor activities and market movements. The analysis is powered by using charts and machine learning to understand new trends in the marketplace and competitor activities, viewed simply with a smart analytics dashboard.

With Intelligence2day®, the company is now able to automate the process of collecting information. Automating this process of searching and gathering information is increasing daily productivity and is resulting in major time savings. To further streamline the process HolaTECH creates article lists that would go into the reports at the end of each reporting period. The reporting functionality makes it possible to include more visuals, images, videos and direct links to articles to make it easier for the stakeholders to receive and access the insights provided.


“Intelligence2day helps us be more productive in creating better insights to understand the competition and market changes, which results in more informed strategic business decisions. Also, the Intelligence2day® team is always a joy to work with!”

Nigel Aston, Partner HolaTECH


About HolaTECH

HolaTECH is now able to get a cost-effective solution to collect and analyze the relevant signals in order to create and share greater insights. This saves valuable time by decreasing the time spent on searching for information in an unstructured way. This leads to a greater understanding of competitor activities, market landscape, emerging technologies and application of their product. Finally, it helps provide stakeholders with accurate insights supporting strategic decisions making their business grow. For more information, visit


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