How to Secure your M&CI Efforts Despite Limited Resources?

With limited resources, it can be challenging to prioritize and balance M&CI development efforts.

Join us for a webinar as we provide insights into strategies to grow your M&CI platform in a structured way, ensuring that available resources are optimized and the organization's uptake of M&CI value is maximized.



You will learn how to:

  • Balance your MCI development efforts in a structured way in order to make the most of available resources
  • Make sure the organization take up of MCI value is optimized
  • “Connect the dots” between your current and future MCI operation
Invest in an MCI Audit

Maximize Your Market and Competitive Intelligence (MCI) Capabilities

To increase competitiveness and profitability, businesses turn to MCI to support and improve the speed and quality of their decisions. Invest in an MCI Audit based on the Gardens of Intelligence™ framework. We will look at your intelligence program from the ground up, clear out the weeds, and sow the seeds to set your business up for success.