Taking the pharmaceutical industry to new heights… with market and competitive intelligence.

Our renowned tool, Intelligence2day®, is helping top pharmaceutical companies save enormous amounts of time and resources.

Integrating data from various sources will enhance the decision-making process and fast. Intelligence2day will create a centralized hub of data and sources for the entire company to use, assisting with:

  • Intelligence management: to find relevant information quickly, allowing you to use more time to analyse than sift through information.
  • Media monitoring: to track and monitor news with efficiency, speed and scale that simply humans can’t match.
  • Trend radars: to discover new opportunities and threats that were not already on your radar and act on them accordingly.
  • Insight generation: to filter out insightful data, with ease, finding relevant and quality controlled content.

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Have you read our case study with one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies?

Find out how this top pharmaceutical company saved time and resources to capture conference data in seconds, which would usually take weeks to process.

How Intelligence2day® works


Assessing & Tracking 3D Printing Disruption of the Medical Device Industry Here we share techniques and tools to help you track and discover customer needs, competitor moves and market trends.

What do our clients have to say?

  • "Intelligence2day® has decreased the time spent searching for information and improved the collaboration and sharing of insights."
  • "You don't need to spend hours looking for information - just go into the system and grab it."
  • "We are now able to analyze the relevant signals and automate repetitive tasks."

Don’t be last in line… Smart pharmaceutical companies are using market and competitive intelligence platforms to stay one step ahead.

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