The Insight Engine for Market and Competitive Intelligence

Why choose Intelligence2day?

Intelligence2day automatically collects, discovers, organizes, analyzes and shares information and knowledge. It can be focused on any aspect of the competitive landscape. Supports strategical and tactical decision-making and shortens Time-To-Insights to accelerate business strategy, product innovation and business development.

The Insight Engine

Intelligence2day® unifies internal and external sources of information into one single point of access for all market and competitive intelligence.

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Augmented Intelligence

Automated data enrichment and AI-powered search technology adds context and meaning to large volumes of unstructured information.

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Data on the go

Our platform is fully mobile responsive meaning you can make decisions easily and in real time on the go. This lets you access the critical information you need, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

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During the 30 day trial, we will set you up a fully automated intelligence dashboard. Train you on how to best use the platform, enabling you to become a super user. Build custom reports that you can run at the push of a button allowing you to make faster data decisions.


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