Watch the webinar recording
Watch the webinar recording

Designing robust market and competitive intelligence platforms

Market and Competitive Intelligence (MCI) is the process of enhancing marketplace competitiveness through a greater understanding of a firm’s competitive environment as well as leveraging the capabilities of preparedness for the future.

What Was Covered

In the webinar, Gabriel & Jesper presented their new book Gardens of Intelligence.

The book digs deep into the challenges and opportunities of how to succeed with technology platforms for market and competitive intelligence. The authors drew on their extensive experience from both Ericsson and Comintelli to present their “Garden of Intelligence” framework; 6 levels to growing a robust MCI platform.

These insights will make your organization healthier and more fit to reap the benefits of opportunities and handle disruptions in the future.

Watch the Webinar Recording

A Deeper Insight

In this webinar, attendees discovered how to::

  • Spend more time creating forward-looking actionable intelligence, thanks to smarter tools.
  • Collaborate better and develop hypotheses that can be tested and validated by data analysis.
  • Become more in line with future market expectations as predictions are more accurate.
  • Use human analysis to put information into context, ask relevant questions, and create the best algorithms for machines.