Let’s meet on Wednesday, March 23rd 2022, 16:00-17:00 CET
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Learn how to monitor the effect of Covid on travel & tourism.

Join Comintelli and Kairos Future in this riveting webinar where we share ways in which to benefit from combining specialized tools within a single platform to help you monitor to your greatest capability.
Comintelli’s partner, Kairos Future is an international consulting and research company that assists organizations and leaders in understanding and shaping their futures.


A deeper insight

Learn how Kairos Future and its customers combine specialized digital tools for different use cases, as well as:

  • How Kairos Future uses multiple M&CI platforms, (including Comintelli’s Intelligence2day and Kairos Future’s Co:tunity for large scale monitoring of various signals related to Covid19 for analyses of changing attitudes towards travel and tourism. A project that includes manual analyses/scanning as well as AI-powered analyses of large volumes of data
  • How companies can easily link intelligence platforms and integrations (and fast!) without the need for developers and APIs.

About the Webinar

Date: Wednesday, March 23rd 2022, 16:00-17:00 CET
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More about speakers

Johan Hammarlund

Johan is an advisor focusing on collaborative innovation and foresight. He has extensive experience in supporting and developing intelligence processes in various types of organizations. Johan has also been an active party in several research projects in the fields of intelligence studies and media and communication studies, often focusing on the new digital media landscape