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Radically Improve Your Field Gathering Capabilities

Comintelli Inc’s CEO, Christian Bjersér, and Director of Customer Success, Jeff Mansfield, shared the latest software tool that can give you faster access to search content for analysis, instantly upload image content from the field, index old and new images, and reduce time and resources.

What Was Covered

We discussed how the Field Intelligence Receiver (FIRE) allows for extremely fast gathering and analysis of data from conferences and virtual events, turning photo data into searchable content.

  • A new framework for event monitoring that works both virtual and in-person.
  • Best practices for dealing with virtual trade shows and how to continue to provide value.
  • How to ensure instant delivery of intelligence from the conference floor to the stakeholder.
  • How to use AI technology to reduce cost and effort to a fraction of a traditional approach.

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A Deeper Insight

Technology is changing conference monitoring and to take a step ahead of competitors, it’s important to use the right tools and software to support efficiencies that can ultimately save time and money.