Let’s meet on Tuesday, February 22nd 2022, 16:00-17:00 CET
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Sustainability Intelligence is a crucial corporate capability that can be supported by our Market and Competitive Intelligence platform, Intelligence2day®.

Join us as we share ways in which to rapidly improve corporate Sustainability Intelligence capabilities with supporting strategies and tactics.

A deeper insight

The development of regulatory requirements and market demands on active corporate sustainability compliance and engagement has no less than soared over the last years.

Much focus is now on the regulatory impacts on the financial industry in general and the fund/asset/portfolio management in particular, but the industry at large is also already hit by not only new legislation and compliance requirements but, even more pressing, market demand on a sustainable business operation.

Sustainability is not equal to a carbon-neutral operation, it includes all aspects of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (The SDG’s).

About the Webinar

Date: Tuesday, February 22nd 2022, 16:00-17:00 CET
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More about speakers

Gabriel Anderbjörk

Gabriel Anderbjörk is an entrepreneur, consultant and CEO of Inzyon, a Comintelli partner specializing in deploying Sustainability applications in Intelligence2day®. He counts among his clients many high-profile multinational companies as well as government entities in Europe, North America and Asia. His current focus on information management and analysis in the realms of Sustainability Intelligence and SDG compliance has exposed significant challenges and shortcomings of many corporate approaches in this field. However, solutions are available and Gabriel is passionate about applying information theory to the challenge of fulfilling the agenda 2030 with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Thomas Wulf

Thomas, who holds two legal degrees, is since 2012 the Secretary General of EUSIPA and BELSIPA, the European and Belgian associations for the issuers of structured investment products. Since its setup in 2019 he also is a standing member of the Eligibility Committee of the Belgian Central Labelling Agency (CLA) which is responsible for reviewing and recommending decisions in the Belgian “Towards Sustainability” Label for financial products. For many years he also advises single companies on an ad-hoc basis on ESG aspects. Prior to his current activities Thomas ran the Western European business development function in a magic circle law firm. The married father of two lives with his family in Brussels.